Kira Iwasaki

Lead Designer

Passionate about art and anything handmade, Kira has collectively developed her own design sense.  After earning her bachelors at Oregon State, Kira spent over 8 years at Carol Williamson + Associates in downtown Portland.  She has worked on a diverse range of projects from mega yachts to high-end residential, corporate offices and lobbies, libraries, and hospitals.  She has cultivated valuable experience designing custom furniture, textiles, lighting, and hardware.

Inspired by her family’s 100 year involvement in the bedding plant industry, Kira decided to embrace the legacy by going back to school and earning a second degree in landscape design.  She is drawn to interesting blooms and the delicate care processes vital to their development. Kira strives to show her clients that great landscape design can also be low maintenance, multi-functional, and beneficial to wildlife.


Jack Hayden

Field manager

Jack brings his professional expertise in wildlife habitat rehabilitation, green stormwater management and Pacific Northwest native species to our team. His background includes restoration ecology field work, frequently rebuilding wetlands and natural areas managed by Clean Water Services and local soil and water conservation districts. He is currently employed by Portland Bureau of Environmental Services and has held positions as a green landscape contractor, native nursery technician and Portland Parks and Recreation groundskeeper at Mount Tabor. He holds a Landscape Technology degree from Portland Community College and a BA in Film and Digital Media from the University of California Santa Cruz.

Jack is passionate about creating urban wildlife habitats in gardens, yards and public land. He is inspired by our community’s efforts to preserve our ecosystem and educate each other about our role in its conservation.

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Leslie Campbell


Accompanying people in nature and helping to spark and illuminate the wonders and beauty of the natural world in others has always been one of Leslie’s greatest passions and joys.

Research and our own innate knowing tells us that our well-being is intertwined and dependent upon our interconnectedness and understanding of natural systems.  When we are in direct contact with natural spaces we calm, can attune to our basic human needs more readily, and become more humane.

Leslie began Habitat Landscape Design in 1999 with the intent to help clients create their very own personal sanctuaries that both support their well-being. Currently, Leslie spends most of her time teaching learners about place-based ecosystems, wildlife garden making and restoration and organic food systems awareness at Our Table Organic Farm in Sherwood, Oregon.

Leslie holds undergraduate degrees in Geology and Landscape Design, and a Masters degree in Outdoor Science Education and Leadership within the school of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho. Collectively, these studies serve to create understanding about our natural world and supports us in our understanding about our interdependence on our local and regional ecosystems.

Habitat invites you to share the wondrous experiences and meaningful understanding we encounter when we go outside and interact with nature.